Annular Eclipse Results Presentation

Hello Everyone,

I have almost finished the power-point presentation of the location-equipment- results from Papanasam Cliff, Varkala, Kerala, northern edge of the Antumbral Path. It has taken a full week to process the images obtained from eight camera on various mounts and setups.

This was our first annular eclipse ever, one that have been called a glorified partial eclipse! (because the size of moon was quite small). Yet we planned and dared to remove the filters from our equipment during the central phases. The results from the expedition have turned out quite astounding. We are quite pleased with the photographs. Seems we are now quite prepared for the Annulars that are coming to India in the next ten years :), especially the one in Jun 2020 where sizes of Sun & Moon are almost equal.

We all hope to see you at Nehru planetarium tomorrow for the 30-40 min presentation titled “Location location Location”, at 1430 Hrs.

Eager to see results from other chasers too.

Ajay & Neelam Talwar
Nilesh Vayada, Raghu Kalra, Sneh Kesari, Deepak Dogra, Arjune Talwar, Nakul Talwar

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