Astrology is not a Science

The Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi wishes to criticize and condemn the decision of the Bombay High Court on calling Astrology as a Science. We believe the decision is not right. The decision should be reviewed.

Scientists are the people who define science. Physics is science because it proves itself right time and again without fail, and if there comes a day when laws in physics stop giving accurate results, we stop considering them as laws unless we have a logical explanation for the law showing inconsistency. In the case of Astrology the consistency is no greater than what is expected by chance, For example, while flipping a coin there is a 50-50 chance of having a head or a tail. the accuracy of astrology is even less. Here is a list of historical dates which were predicted to be doomsday or apocalypse. As we can all see the have all failed.

The News about the verdict

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Source: Fair Criticism of Court

Arguments Against Astrology, by N.Rathnasree

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