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Since we’re not getting a glimpse of totality here in Delhi, will try to Syndicate a webcast from LIVE from Novosibirsk, Russia. You can also check out the syndicated video webstream links from University of North Dakota, Grand Forks team in China. Webcast from Novosibirsk is scheduled to begin on Aug 10 2008, 0900 UTC 1430 IST

Syndicated Content
VIDEO STREAM 1 (Univ N.Dakota from China) CLICK HERE
VIDEO STREAM 2 (Univ N.Dakota from China) CLICK HERE
VIDEO STREAM 3 (Multicast) (Univ N.Dakota from China) CLICK HERE

External Webcast Links
Exploratorium TSE 2008: Live Form China

Click for Novosibirsk, Russia Forecast

Click for Xi'An, Shaanxi Forecast


  • 0422 EST, Streams from China seem to work, they’ve gone off temporarily
  • 0438 EST, Link 1 from UND is up….We can see a solar disc….i wonder what ppl in Russia are doing. First contact at 1009UTC
  • 0445 EST,Clouds in Shaanxi in China look ominous! GULP!
  • 0458 EST,Coverage from Novosibirsk hasn’t started yet….i wonder if Murphy’s Law is at play!
  • 0551 EST,Clouds are looking bad in Xi’an, I’m keeping my fingers crossed
  • 0631 EST,Exploratarium has great video feeds, Mylar and H-alpha images galore…plus no clouds!
  • 0638 EST, Hoooray, ND has a feed, clouds giving wayto a solar disc..!!!!!….too bad we missed the 1st contact at 1026 UTC
  • 0708 EST, Totality in Xinjiang,China….People go Nuts…including me!!!!! :)))))
  • 0722 EST, Totality in Xian,China….North Dakota People manage to screw up the feed during totality….i lose the whole recording… 🙁
  • Well folks, now since the best part is over, I leave it to my faithful computer to record the remaining feed from Xinjiang

    Time to hit the sack folks!
    This is the end of our LIVE commentary

This Webcast has Ended ! Thanks for visiting

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