International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

The world saw yet another International Sidewalk Astronomy Night on March
20th 2010, it is a time when astronomers all around the world take out their
telescopes to the public to spread awareness about science and astronomy.
Delhi participated in ISAN for the 3rd time this year

Our team from the Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi went to India Gate:
WWI and afgan war memorial in the Lutyens’ Delhi to share astronomy with
public, This is one place delhiites love to have a picnic, and it remains
crowed almost round the year. So we set up our telescope and a 20X120
Binocular for public watch right next to the war memorial and initially
started the watch with showing Venus, and as it set we shifted our scopes to
the beautiful crescent moon. As large crowd gathered around us
soon Saturn rose from the west shifting the focus of one telescope to it,
all this continued till 9:30 at night when they had to water the India Gate
lawns and we had to wind up our equipment, but even in our 3 hr sky watch
more than 350 people saw the Moon, Venus and Saturn.

It was an enjoyable experience for everyone and we are all getting ready for
yet another sky watch next Saturday march 27th during Earth Hour 2010


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