Lunar Eclipse: June 15, 2011

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On June 15th 2011, the moon will fall through earth’s umbral shadow causing a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible from much of South asia, Middle east, West and central Africa and Asia minor. The moon is slated to stay in earth’s umbral shadow for a total of 3 hours and 39 minutes (umbral magnitude of 1.7)

AAAD and Chase Plans

Please use this RSVP form to send us your chase plans. We will also post our eclipse hunting programs on this page soon

Nationwide Lunar Eclipse Chase Map. All organizations/individuals are welcome to submit their chase locations and plans to us. We will add you to this map.

Eclipse Statistics

Penum. Contact 1 (P1) 17:24:37 UTC 22:54:37 IST
Umbral Contact 1 (U1) 18:22:57 UTC 23:52:57 IST
Umbral Contact 2 (U2) 19:22:29 UTC 00:52:29 IST*
Umbral Contact 3 (U3) 21:02:42 UTC 02:32:42 IST*
Umbral Contact 4 (U4) 22:02:14 UTC 03:32:14 IST*
Penum. Contact 2 (P2) 23:00:41 UTC 04:30:41 IST*
Time of Maximum Eclipse 20:13:43 UTC 01:43:43 IST*

*indicates time on June 16th 2011

Eclipse Visibility

c-Oph Occultation

During the eclipse, the Moon will also occult a bright star c-Ophiuchus at around 12:47 am on 16.06.2011. This is somewhat right before the umbral contact U2 of the eclipse. Occultation chasers and photographers should not forget to miss this unusual opportunity

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