Night Under the Sky

The Night Observation of July 21st, stands postponed due to bad weather. The Inconvenience is regretted

It has been long since Bohemians hit their beloved dark site. Its time to unpack your telescopes and head to a good dark site this time Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi chose the Botanix Gardens near Dumdama lake. This day provides a great opportunity to witness the starry skies and therefore an observation has been scheduled on Saturday, July 21 at Dumdama.

Date of observation: July, 21, 2012
Day: Saturday
Observation Time: 1930hrs onwards
Venue: Botanix gardens, Damdama lake, Sohna, Haryana,
There will be three points of meeting and starting
5:30 PM We will start from Nehru Planetarium
6:30 PM we will start from Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon
7:30 PM we will reach Botanix

Charges: Rs. 550 per person includes dinner and the rent to use the facility

The observation for a change is open to present members only

All the participants of the observation are requested to register here: before 08:00 AM Friday, July 20, 2012. As we have to inform the Botanix Gardens about the number of people coming for the observation so that the dinner can be arranged
We are also trying to get the people at Botanix to remove the dinner so as to reduce the charges. We will update as soon as possible

Essential things to carry during an observation
1.Carry snacks (just the dinner will not be enough)
2. though it is summer temperature near a lake can reach 25* C(68*F)so carry an extra layer
3. Carry chocolates: they are very helpful as they keep you awake and give you energy
4. VERY IMPORTANT!! always carry a torch covered with red cellophane sheet, any light source(torches etc) without a cellophane sheet is strictly prohibited .
5. Carry your equipment with you(if you don’t have telescope you may join us anyways night sky is very beautiful when viewed naked eyes, though we will bring our telescopes)
6. Cover you camera flash with black tape so no light comes out and always keep the flash on off mode
7. We are not providing any transport so you will have to come on your own.
8. Wear shoes and full pants/jeans as mosquitoes and insects are in plenty in the area.
The last call of Go, No Go will be taken at 2 PM
if you wish to join us please feel free to do so, if possible let us know that you will be joining, so we have a tentative idea about participants, write to us at below mentioned contact

Raghu Kalra

AAAD is not responsible if the observation is canceled because of cloudy conditions though we will try and put information on this website if observation is cancelled so check the website or preferably by calling the above mentioned phone number before leaving for Damdama. We will have to pay the rent as it is.. hence will most probably we will not cancel the plans… if the weather turns bad, we will have dinner and have a good time discussing astronomy there.

You can become a member by visiting :


Raghu Kalra
General Secretary
Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
Nehru Planetarium

Phone No. +91-9990224091

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