Photography Project – Celestial Alignments in Delhi

Going west on the Badarpur-Mehrauli road in Delhi one always notices Qutub Minar exactly in front and has always wondered if he could photograph the large setting Sun behind this tall standing icon of Delhi. We are sure many of you must have wondered on which particular day does the Sun rise exactly behind the Amar Jawan Jyoti, as seen standing on the yellow painted road divider, far away from India Gate.

And then the photography lessons kick in, posing several queries, such as what focal length would be right, how much would be the relative sizes of the celestial object and the earthly object if one stands exactly one kilometer away.

It would really be ideal if we could have a picture of setting moon, exactly over the over the lightning conductor at Rashtrapati Bhawan AND preferably in morning twilight, illuminating Delhi’s Lutyen icon from the east, and not yet risen Sun.

Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi is starting a photography project – Celestial Alignments in Delhi.

As the monsoon moves south, bringing clear skies over Delhi, we have three special Sundays coming up when the setting or rising Sun will be aligned with Delhi’s roads and monuments.

Please be there next Sunday Noon @ the Planee to understand the logistics involved and enroll for the project. There will be a short presentation on the project.

Venue: Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi
Date: 7th August, 2011
Day: Sunday
Time: Noon, 12:00 Hrs

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