Solar Eclipse 2011 Information and Webcast

The solar eclipse is back!! How much so ever small it may be The Amateur Astronomers Association and Nehru Planetarium will have a Public Eclipse watch nevertheless. The eclipse will start 15:12:28 Hrs (3:12PM). The maximum eclipse is at 15:32:20 Hrs [3:32PM](coverage 0.48%).

The Planetarium Lawns will be open to public to see the Solar Eclipse 3pm onwards. We welcome everybody to come and see the eclipse using safe methods

The next eclipse visible from Delhi isn’t happening for the next 8 years, you cannot possibly miss this.

Webcast of the Eclipse from Israel’s Bareket Observatory :

Click Here

The Webcast of the eclipse will start on January 4 at 7:00 UTC to 10:00 UTC (12:30 IST- 15:30 IST [3:30PM])

Eclipse in Delhi

Safe ways to see the eclipse:Click Here

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