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Dramatic Time Lapse Video of International Space Station at Night

Check out this dramatic time lapse footage of earth seen from the int’l space station at night. Pretty darn cool
You can see all the air glow, auroras and thunderstorms. The city lights are not real but an overlay captured using a special IR camera called Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS)
All in, a pretty spectacular video.. the music is quite dramatic too

Meteor Fireball

IMG_8439_EXPORTSo, me and some of my astronomy enthusiast friends went out to look for Aurora borealis here up in Northern Minnesota. As luck would have it we had a hard time dealing with cloud cover and the moon rising at around 9 pm local time . However as i was playing with may camera, trying to detect any signs of an auroral glow, this nice visitor showed up in front of my camera.

The bright meteor left a nice smoky trail as it blazed by. The fireball’s flash  was so bright that it could cast shadows on the ground.

Sunspot 2158 Erupts. X-Class Solar flare will reach Earth Fri, 12/09/14

Sunspot 2158 eurupted on Wednesday 10/9 at 1746UTC, hurling an X-Class solar flare right towards us. The flare is scheduled to reach on Friday, A radiation flash from the explosion ionized the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, disturbing HF radio communications for more than an hour. More importantly, the explosion hurled a CME directly toward Earth. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory photographed the expanding cloud

SOHO image of sunspot clusters on the solar surface as on 11/9/14
SOHO image of sunspot clusters on the solar surface as on 11/9/14

What to Expect?


Radio Storms

HF Communication issues

Pandemonium and chaos… nope kidding about this one 😛

Northern Lights

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Click photo to download a high resolution version
Image Courtesy: Vidur Parkash

Recently Earth was enveloped in a geomagnetic storm (between Aug 03- Aug-05) when a coronal mass ejection eurupted on the sun and got hurled towerds us. The flare set off great displays of Northern lights seen as south as Michigan, North Dakota and Minnesota in the United States.

Me and my college buddies seized the opportunity to drive to the face of Lake Superior at Brockway Mtn in Michigan and we were greeted by spectacular auroral displays that I could even make out from our car window. Brockway mountain is a hill that faces Lake superior and is my favorite dark sky site in the United States. The place does not have any cellular reception and you need to go there with a full tank of gasoline in your car. From the top of the hill you can be sure of no pollution no urban lights and simply spectacular skies.

Although low in intensity, the displays spanned the whole northern horizon, overseeing the lake. This opportunity also allowed us to check out my friend Suryabh’s(who was also accompanying me) new Nikon D3000 SLR camera, with which the photo was taken.