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Welcome to Pluto

It finally here. It really is. NASA’s space probe to Pluto, New Horizons has finally arrived at the most mysterious planet of the solar system. Built by the John Hopkin’s Applied Physics Laboratory, this piece of engineering marvel survived the chill of deep space, and woke up in time to return the most detailed pictures of this planet till date from an altitude of mere 2370 Km above the surface of this planet.

Pluto seen by New Horizon’s LORRI Instrument

New Horizon’s Pluto mission is still bit tricky since its expected to be in vicinity of a large debris field of ice and rocks which is common in the outer solar system. The probe is investigating not only Pluto but also its five moons: Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra.

Joys of Astrophotography – A Stellar Pastime Presentation by Ajay Talwar

The Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi invites you to

The Transparent Dome of HCT. Image courtesy: Ajay, Vikrant, Raghu

Joys of Astrophotography – A Stellar Pastime

Presentation by Ajay Talwar

Time: Sunday, January 9, 2011 ยท 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: Nehru Planetarium, Teen Murti House, New Delhi-11

This is a short presentation which intends to convey the joy and satisfaction the author feels while pursuing astrophotography and hopes to instill some excitement of astrophotography in the audience.

Today all astronomy and the associated science is conducted with astrophography. Apart from being a scientific pursuit, the business of collecting celestial photons is also an art form. The presentation covers both aspects of astrophotography.

Ajay Talwar has been pursuing this stellar pastime for more than 20 years. Presently astrophotography has become the passion and fashion of the times. The advent of digital photography has become a boon for astrophotographers, ANY camera can be used to take beautiful shots of the heavens.

This movie was presented at the recently concluded 10 day festival of astronomy, Kalpaneya Yatre at Bengaluru.

For further Info and RSVP : Click Here