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Astrology is not a Science

The Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi wishes to criticize and condemn the decision of the Bombay High Court on calling Astrology as a Science. We believe the decision is not right. The decision should be reviewed.

Scientists are the people who define science. Physics is science because it proves itself right time and again without fail, and if there comes a day when laws in physics stop giving accurate results, we stop considering them as laws unless we have a logical explanation for the law showing inconsistency. In the case of Astrology the consistency is no greater than what is expected by chance, For example, while flipping a coin there is a 50-50 chance of having a head or a tail. the accuracy of astrology is even less. Here is a list of historical dates which were predicted to be doomsday or apocalypse. As we can all see the have all failed.

The News about the verdict

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Source: Fair Criticism of Court

Arguments Against Astrology, by N.Rathnasree

Yet Another Astrology Scam

Ophiuchus is depicted as a man grabbing a Serpent

The zodiac has a new constellation added to it. The latest entry into the astrologer’s arsenal is Ophiuchus, which offsets everybody’s sun sign. So if you were a Cancerian like me yesterday, you have suddenly become a Gemini today!

Ophiuchus is a constellation that lies between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is a constellation that actually grazes the ecliptic plane, it has always done so…. at least within the last 1000 years. The ecliptic plane is the plane of the solar system as projected onto the sky. All the planets and the sun appear to move on this plane. What makes this significant for astrologers is that the constellations of the zodiac are the constellations that pass through the ecliptic. For example in November, the sun passes through a region of sky with the constellation Scorpio in the background, hence it is the month of Scorpio. From November 29th to December 14 the sun passes through Ophiuchus’s official constellation boundaries.

So if you were born around that time, I must let you know that until today you really didn’t have a sun-sign… and if you did, you were reading the wrong horoscope :P, and all this while you thought that astrology works! Whats worse is the “screw up” is going to get worse as there is chatter out there to include a 14th sign in the zodiac, called “Cetus”.

Now you never know for sure what you future is…
I think we at the AAAD and the scientific community have always known that!