A Jewel in the Night Sky

After the Holmes”s Party its now time for Temple 8P ‘, ‘There is a new Jewel in the sky…correction infact there are two. After Comet Holmes mesmerizing stargazers throught this fall, enter winter and there is a new kid on the block. Enter Comet Tuttle 8P that adorns the Aries constellation passing very close to M33, the Triangulum Galaxy making it a very good photo opportunity.
The comet returns to the inner solar system after almost 14 years, and currently is a tailless comet with an apparent magnitude of 5.8 – 6, and may be visible to the naked eye from a dark sky location. Amateur Astronomer Ajay Talwar pointed his scopes at the comet yesterday to capture this brilliant picture of the comet next to M33. The comet glows bright green, indicative of Cyanogen emissions from the comet.

Image Copyright: Ajay Talwar

To locate the comet onm Dec 31st click here for a SKY MAP