Hard Proof: Water found on Mars

Check out this stunning picture taken by NASA’s Phoenix Lander. The probe had been digging for some days around the planets icy poles, and guess what….you’re looking at….H20 ICE!….yes folks…this is 100% water ice. The atmospheric pressure on Mars is so low, that ice directly vaporizes without forming liquid water

How can we be sure….?

The average temperature at the poles is about -70F (-56 C) and dry ice ( the other plausible candidate ) needs much lower temperatures to exist.

Beat the Heat!

Greetings Everyone

Its June 21……

Jogging your memory, today is the longest day of the year, and probably, if you live somewhere in the Indian plains, you may not be very happy about the prospect of a very long hot day!!!

But for those optimistic astronomy buffs out there, this may be a chance wear a staw hat, some shades, sip on a mocktail and chill out under the sun!

Wishing you a very Happy but not so warm Summer Solistice 2K8

Clear Skies

Winstars 2.0

Winstars is a free planetarium software that sports pretty good graphics, say goodbye to old Skyglobe for now!

WinStars uses the latest 3D technology to show the objects of our solar system in a realistic manner. Thus, it is possible to move from one planet to another, to follow a space probe on its long voyage or to observe a celestial event from a place to which you could never go. The use of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s DE 404 planetary theories allows us to have a precise representation of the events displayed.

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