White Knight 2 Unveiled

VMS Eve, Craft named after Richard Branson’s Mother

After last years explosion at Mojave Desert outside Vegas that killed three people during a rocket engine test, Scaled composites has come back with a bang and unrolled their Spacecraft mothership “White Knight 2” out on the Tarmac last month.

The craft has an all carbon composite fuselage with quad Pratt and Whitney PW308 turbofan engines providing 6900 lbs thrust each at full power. The wingspan is nearly 140 feet almost thrice the size of the first prototype that won the Ansari X Prize

The launch of WK2 brings space tourism closer to a distinct reality, with commercial operations of Virgin Galactic beginning sometime in 2009!

Large Hadron Collider goes Operational on Sept 10th

CERN has just announced that their first attempt to hunt for the Higgs Boson which has been dubbed as the “God particle” will occur on Sept 10 2008 with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) becoming operational.

CERN does not intend to smash particles on this day, but perform certain tests only

The LHC is the worlds most powerful atom smasher,that will accelerate a proton and an electron to 7 TeV energies near to the speed of light. The collision is expected to produce a plethora of exotic subatomic particles. Scientists hope that among thissoup, the Higgs boson may show itself

If the Higgs Boson is discovered it will be a massive feat of Humankind, having predicted the most fundamental particle in nature decades before it would be discovered.

CERN plans to webcast proceedings of the event live on their website


CERN Press Release

Webcast Link