TWAN Exhibits

Hello all Delhiites,

There will be an inauguration of a small exhibition of TWAN images at the Planetarium, at 5:30 PM tomorrow evening (actually, we will start Taare Saak Par discussions in the Planetarium sky theatre at 5:00 PM, to be followed by the formal TWAN exhibition inauguration at 5:30 PM).

Things are in a terribly disorganised state – but, every TWAN image and the caption (I am going through so much of heritage and history reading to make just one of these captions) – is really an overwhelming experience. I do not know why the TWAN images speak to me so much, but, they do 🙂

Well, what with the disorganisation prevailing – I have not sent out any formal invitations anywhere – I will do that now. But, will every Delhi member of this group – please treat this message of mine as my personal invitation to them and please be there at the Plani by 5:00 PM tomorrow and lend us a hand with the event? We missed the Taare Sadak Par discussions in the sky theatre during the workshop – we will make up for it now.

And, we will get to hear Babak and Stephan talking about the TWAN work – without the overall pressure of the workshop content – which made it difficult to concentrate on TWAN issues.

And, since they will be leaving immediately after this – any questions to be asked, can be asked now.

We could also have some star count excercise from Teen Murti lawns after the event is over – we do need to get back to the star count work.

Every Delhi member – please do be there – I am counting on you 🙂

Rathnasree, Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi