Chandra images are now on Flickr!

This may be something interesting for all you science buffs out
there. The Smithsonian Institute has its own section of images posted on Flickr taken by the Chandra X-Ray observatory

Description: Chandra’s image of this highly luminous quasar shows an enormous X-ray jet that extends at least a million light years. The jet is likely due to the collision of a beam of high-energy electrons with microwave photons. The high-energy beam is thought to have been produced by explosive activity related to gas swirling around a supermassive black hole. The length of the jet and the observed bright knots of X-ray emission suggest that the explosive activity is long-lived but intermittent. The X-ray light from PKS 1127-145 passes through a galaxy 4 billion light years away, on its way to Earth. This allowed astronomers to estimate that the gas in the intervening galaxy contained a much lower concentration of oxygen relative to hydrogen gas than does our galaxy – about 5 times lower.

The link for the photostream is
Westerlund 2: A Stellar Sight

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