Night Under the Stars

The monsoon is almost over and the sky October 1st, 2011 is giving an opportunity to observe the glory of night sky. The sky is getting clearer and the stars are shining brighter than before. Its time to unpack your telescopes and cameras and head to a good dark site this time Amateur Astronomers Association is returning back to the famous Dumdama lake on the road to hotel Saras besides the lake . This day provides a great opportunity to witness the starry skies and therefore an observation has been scheduled on Saturday, October 1st at Dumdama.

Date of observation: October 1,2011
Day: Saturday
Observation Time: 1900hrs onwards
Venue: Damdama lake, Sohna, Haryana, near hotel Saras.
Click Here for directions to Venue
Please feel free to join us at Dumdama there is no fees

Due to more than overwhelming response the registration stands closed

All the people who registered have received an email of instructions to be followed those who havn’t, kindly write to

Instructions for “Night under the Stars”

1. Carry 2-3 liters of water (It has been observed that participant do not bring their own water supply and then we run out of water in the middle of the night). Please make sure you have a lot of water.

2. You MUST Carry your dinner and snacks (bring some extra so you can share with others) There is no food available around so u must bring your food.

3. You must carry warm clothing as it will get cold near the lake. Temperatures can go down to 10-12°C.

4. Wear closed footwear and full-length clothes. We will be in open grounds near lake, all kinds of insects and thorny bushes are around.

5. Odomos or any mosquito repellent is essential too.
6. Carry chocolates: they are very helpful as they keep you awake and give you energy.

7. VERY IMPORTANT!! Always carry a torch covered with red cellophane sheet; any light source (torches etc) without a cellophane sheet is strictly prohibited. Make sure you have extra batteries for the torch.

8. Bring a thick mat/dari along with you as we will be sitting on the ground and it can get pretty cold.

9. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars. Even with the small ones you can see wonders.

10. A thermos full of Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea along with cups.

11. As you are aware we are not providing any transport so you will have to come on your own.

12. If you bring a camera bring a tripod with it to shoot

13. Lastly don’t forget to Carry your telescope with you but even if you don’t have telescope you please come anyways, there will be some pretty awesome telescopes around you like India’s largest binoculars, 16” dob telescope etc.

Raghu Kalra
raghukalra@aaadelhi. org


AAAD is not responsible if the observation is canceled because of cloudy conditions though we will try and put information on this website if observation is canceled so check the website or preferably by calling the above mentioned phone number before leaving for Damdama

We advice all school going participants to try and come with an adult supervision…

Screening COSMOS at Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi


As part of our Sunday noon @ Planee Program AAAD is screening Episode 1 of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS on September 11, 2011 in the AAAD room off course at 12 noon. The other 12 episodes will be screened in the subsequent Sundays, Hope to see you there this Sunday so that we can split duties who all will come in the subsequent Sundays. 🙂 In The mean while Neelam and Megha will be attending US embassy’s conference on Women in Science at the Constitution Club of India on monday. Along with 6 female students from Different Universities who were selected through our website