AAAD General Body Meet

Greetings AAAD Members,

I congratulate all of you as AAAD today celebrates its 2nd anniversary as a registered body.

This is to bring to notice all annual members (2013-2014) and all life members that in the governing body meeting held at the Nehru Planetarium on January 11, 2014 it was decided that AAAD will hold its Annual General Body Meeting on Sunday, February 16th 2014 at 12 noon.

We request all members to send the agendas they wish to be addressed at the GBM on and cc

The account details and transaction details for 2012-2013(previous financial year) will be available with the treasurer of AAAD Mr. Vishnu Rethinam during the GBM if any present members are interested in knowing the details they may approach him.

All members are requested to be there for the meeting. The GBM can last long as some important decisions are to be made. All members are requested to keep their afternoons free on the 16th february.

All members who wish to make donations to AAAD are also welcome to do so during the GBM.

Please carry your id cards for this meeting

Raghu Kalra
General Secretary AAAD

Physicists Look for Evidence of time travellers on the internet

Physicists R. Nemiroff (of APOD fame) and his student Teresa Wilson, recently published their results of a grand internet search to look for evidence of time travelers. In a nutshell they were looking for ‘time traveler activity’ over the internet, say a timer traveler used his time machine to move back in time and say…send an email, or put information online about world events that just happened way before it actually did. Time travel to the future is allowed by special relativity, however there is much debate if we can actually go back in time.

The search as you may have expected didn’t turn out much …. but made for a pretty good story.

To read more you can download their preprint paper here