Discussion on Messier objects

On Sunday March 15th 2020, a discussion will be carried out in the sky theatre of Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi about Messier objects. Please find the details in the poster below.

Messier objects are the most sought after objects for amateur astronomers and form a list called Messier’s Object List. The list was created by French Astronomer and comet hunter Charles Messier during the mid 1700s. The objects are widely observed and every year in March, the amateur astronomers participate in an event known as Messier Marathon which is a fun night of locating all 110 objects in one night using a manual telescope.

The list consists of all kind of objects, from double stars to Supernova remnant. Different kind of star clusters, nebulae and galaxies comprise this list. It is fun and exciting to see the objects in one night and there is plenty to learn about them.

The session will start from 10:00 AM and will continue till about 11:20 in the sky theatre. Following this, a small interaction will be carried out to discuss further. Attendance is “Free of cost” and it is “Open to all”. For any queries, kindly drop a message at +91-9560338860 for Sneh.