C/2020 F3 Neowise is now an Evening comet

Comet Neowise is now a evening comet. Now you can get your entire family to see it because nobody apart from you wanted to get up early at 3 am!

The comet is visible at dusk, after sundown from 8:30 ish looking North by North-West. So all you need is unobstructed view looking North, clear skies and low light pollution.

If you live in Delhi, good luck with that.

skyhound.com published a nice star chart that shows the daily progression of Comet Neowise through the night sky. The chart shows the comet’s path from July 2nd 2020 to July 31st 2020


Clear Skies


Comet neowise C/2020 F3

Comet neowise is the latest attraction of the night sky. Rather it is the latest attraction of the morning sky.

To watch it, wake up around 4 am look east/north-east just before daybreak, the comet is currently just outside the constellation Auriga. Its easily visible to the naked eye at an outstanding magnitude of 3.

But you must hurry, because its hurling towards the sun at a very high speed and may not be visible in a few days when its completely overwhelmed by the sun

Comet Neowise C/2020 F3, image taken by V. Parkash, Minnesota, USA